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Episode 006: Entertainment Grab Bag

Episode 006: Entertainment Grab Bag

August 30, 2019

We're taking a break from our deep geek re-watch of Battlestar Galactica to talk about some of the entertainment shenanigans that were happening last week. Kick back while we discuss the merits of tasting whiskey with and without ice, the announcement of the new Matrix movie (with Keanu, Carrie Anne Moss, and one of two Wachowskis), Kevin Smith's new Masters of the Universe anime show for Netflix, and Spidey getting yanked out of the MCU.

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- For those keeping score at home, it was Bushwacker Luke who had one of the fastest ever eliminations in the Royal Rumble, coming in one side of the ring and being tossed out the other.

- For the record, The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy (by Douglas Adams) is a five book trilogy.

- Here's the video of Kevin Smith's Masters of the Universe announcement at Powercon.

- Here's the red-band trailer for Jay and Silent Bob Reboot (be sure you don't have your speakers cranked at work unless you want to spend the afternoon with HR).

- The brothers who wrote all those songs for Disney? That'd be Robert and Richard Sherman.

- And here's an explanation of what's going on with the rights to the Hulk, which Todd managed to butcher.



- Todd: Check out Another Life starring Katee Sackhoff - the first season is available for streaming on Netflix now.

- Tim: In line with our discussion on the Matrix trilogy, check out The Animatrix - an anthology of nine shorts that was produced by the Wachowskis. Here's the trailer.



- Intro music is "Sho 'Nuff" by Mama's Boomshack - check out their album Speed of Soul on Bandcamp


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Episode 005 - Deep Geek: Our Favorite Episodes from Battlestar Galactica, Season 2.0

Episode 005 - Deep Geek: Our Favorite Episodes from Battlestar Galactica, Season 2.0

August 23, 2019

We're back at it with our continuing "deep geek" dive into one of our favorite television shows of all time, Battlestar Galactica. In this podcast, we'll be talking through our favorite episodes from the first half of season two.

We did our best to get a handle on time by only picking three episodes each, but well... you know how these things go. At the very least, we hope that our idiocy is entertaining to you.



- This is the documentary about the making of the original 1978 Battlestar Galactica pilot and series.

- For those interested, here's the Wikipedia page for BSG Season 2



- Tim: Niagara Falls

- Todd: Battlestar Galacticast podcast with Tricia Helfer and Marc Bernardin


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Episode 004 - Deep Geek: Our Favorite Episodes from Battlestar Galactica, Season 1

Episode 004 - Deep Geek: Our Favorite Episodes from Battlestar Galactica, Season 1

August 9, 2019

Well, we spent so much time talking about this show in our first three episodes that we figured why not embrace our love for it fully and spend some time talking about our favorite episodes from each season. Here, we start out with season 1, which begins after the miniseries/pilot. Each of us came up with five of our favorites and then we discussed them in series order to help keep the overall narrative clear.

Please be warned that if you've never watched the show, this sucker is SPOILER-IFIC! If you don't want anything spoiled, download the episode, binge the entire season, and then come back to listen. You can currently stream Battlestar Galactica on Amazon Prime.



- Here's the Richard Hatch helmed 1999 BSG revival attempt called Battlestar Galactica: The Second Coming

- This is the episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation that Tim mentioned entitled "Pre-Emptive Strike"

- This is the podcast Todd mentioned called Battlestar Galacticast with Tricia Helfer and Marc Bernardin



- Tim: How I Built This with Guy Raz

- Todd - Boxing Gandhis



- Intro music is "Love Somebody" by Mama's Boomshack, which you can download on Bandcamp

- Outro music is "Paperboy" by Tumbledown Saints


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Episode 003: Reboots - The Best (Part Two)

Episode 003: Reboots - The Best (Part Two)

August 2, 2019

Does this count as a reboot of the episode? Nah. But you best believe that we're trying to cash in on some of that sweet, sweet sequel money that's been flying around over the last 20 years! This is part two of our discussion on movie and television reboots where we finally get around to talking about the things we like and our fawning admiration for things like Battlestar Galactica and Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy.


Tim - Rush: Beyond The Lighted Stage is a documentary about the band Rush which is currently streaming on Netflix. Check out the trailer on YouTube.

Todd - The Jim Cornette Experience which can be found on iTunes and other podcasting platforms as well as YouTube. He's also a quality follow on Twitter.


Intro music is "Love It Leave It" by Mama's Boomshack (available for purchase on Bandcamp)

Outro music is "New Bad Habit" by Tumbledown Saints

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Episode 002: Reboots - The Worst (Part One)

Episode 002: Reboots - The Worst (Part One)

July 26, 2019

Reboots and remakes seem to be the order of the day for Hollywood these days - whether we're talking about trying to revive the corpse of an 80's TV show or milk some more money out of a franchise by recasting the whole thing and hoping no one will notice (we're looking at you MIB International...). One thing is for sure, the idea of reboots has been around for quite awhile and it's not going anywhere any time soon.

In this episode, we broke our own rules about podcasts and proceeded to ramble on far too long to make the episode digestible in a single sitting, so for the sake of everyone involved, we've decided to break this sucker in two. This episode will cover the beginning of our discussion on reboots in general and then get into why reboots are the worst. We'll be back next week with the second part which will cover the best.

We tried to be relatively spoiler free, but be warned that there could be some mild spoilers - however, since they're all for movies that you really should have seen by now, we don't feel all that bad.

The video Todd mentioned with Kurt Vonnegut explaining the shape of stories can be found here:

Intro music from this episode is "Love It, Leave It" by Mama's Boomshack from their album Speed Of Soul

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Episode 001: Fans - The Worst & The Best

Episode 001: Fans - The Worst & The Best

July 10, 2019

In our first episode, we discuss what's worst and best about fans in sports, music, TV, and movies.

Our podcast is structured so you can easily listen all in one take or as two separate parts, like a Side A and B of a record. Intros run until about 7:40 where Side A (The Worst) starts. Side B (The Best) begins at approximately 1:01:00 with the outro starting at about 1:44:00.

Todd's One More Thing was the Chernobyl miniseries currently available on HBO. It was written and produced by Craig Mazin, whom you can hear on the Scriptnotes podcast for screenwriters with John August.

Tim's One More Thing was The Biggest Little Farm, a documentary film about a couple who are followed through their successes and failures as they work to develop a sustainable farm on 200 acres outside of Los Angeles.


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