Free Range Idiocy

Episode 80: Eternals Real Or Jabroni

November 15, 2021

Like the changing of seasons, each new Marvel movie can be counted on to bring a fresh crop of fan theories and otherwise ludicrous ideas about what will happen. So, we decided to dive into what folks were saying about Eternals the week before its premier and see if we couldn't get a few of these things right. We also talk about a possible Dune sequel and a certain underworld from a certain galaxy far, far away.



- After much gnashing of teeth and wringing of hands, it appears to be official... Dune 2 is a go!

- Every galaxy has an underworld... indeed... We gawk at the righteous wonder that is the Book Of Boba Fett trailer

- Rumors from

- Rumors from

- Redditor fan theories via

- Rumors from

- A couple more rumors from

- Some heartwarming footage of WWE legend Howard Finkel introducing CM Punk

- The Albert Collins classic song "I Ain't Drunk"



The Man They Call Tim recommends watching the Eugene & Dan Levy vehicle Schitt's Creek on Netflix

Uncle Todd thinks you should check out season two of Another Life starring friend of the show Katee Sackhoff on Netflix as well



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