Free Range Idiocy

Episode 79: Free Range Idiocy Trailer Park 2

November 1, 2021

Turns out this is the gimmick so nice we just gotta do it twice... in a row! Right after our last episode dropped, we got a bunch of new trailers for new shows and movies, so we're going to run down Hit-Monkey, Peacemaker, Uncharted, The Batman, Black Adam, and The Flash. All that plus some Uncle Todd's Fantasy Football Failures continues, casting news from the Ahsoka show, Marvel release madness, and more idiocy!



- Guess who's coming to dinn... uh, the new Ahsoka show!

- Get your daily planners out folks, because Marvel is changing up their release schedule over the next couple years

- Here's some more info on Todd's BBC sci-fi sitcom obsession, Red Dwarf

- Trailer for Hit-Monkey - streaming on Hulu November 17, 2021

- Trailer for Peacemaker - streaming on HBO Max January 13, 2022

- Trailer for Uncharted - in theaters February 18, 2022

- Trailer for The Batman - in theaters March 4, 2022

- Teaser trailer for Black Adam - in theaters July 29, 2022

- A little context for the Billy Gunn comment - here's Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson ending Billy Gunn's career in real time in the ring using nothing more than a microphone

- Teaser trailer for The Flash - in theaters November 2, 2022

- Here's Katee Sackhoff reacting to her role in Halloween: Resurrection on her YouTube channel



The Man They Call Tim recommends checking out the new flick Halloween Kills in theaters or streaming on Peacock (preceded by the original Halloween from 1978 and the direct sequel Halloween form 2018 of course). 

Uncle Todd thinks you should give Uncle Nearest 1856 a try if you are so inclined because it's a delightful Tennessee whiskey with a great story behind it.



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