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Episode 74: Spidey Mucks The Multiverse! - Spider-Man: No Way Home Trailer Reaction & Theories

September 10, 2021

Just when we think the world is a futile pile of rocks hurtling to disaster, Marvel gives us a little bit of hope that maybe it's worth living a little bit longer. Or, maybe we're just shallow people in need of medication. Either way, we got the new Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer and just had to talk about it!   



- Kevin Costner's introduction from MLB's first Field Of Dreams game in Iowa

- CM Punk makes his AEW debut in his hometown of Chicago and the results were raucous to say the least

- Here's a video of JBL trying to get Undertaker to break character

- Here's Paul Heyman talking about getting the chance to work with CM Punk in WWE (NSFW language)

- Here's the Spidey trailer so you can watch along if you'd like

- Here's the Spidey trailer breakdown from Emergency Awesome



Tim recommends checking out the WWE documentary CM Punk: Best In The World on Peacock

Todd thinks you should be listening to A Killer Named Sugar, the solo debut of Maine's own Renee Coolbrith right now



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