Free Range Idiocy

Episode 73: Stream Versus Screen - The Idiot‘s Court & Scar-Jo Takes On Disney

September 6, 2021

One would think that having an veritable money-making machine would keep a person or company from being a d-bag, but apparently not! Disney managed to get one of their stars ticked off enough to file a lawsuit and then doubled down on their douchebaggery with some harsh comments. We dive into the debacle that was the Black Widow simultaneous screen and stream debut along with news from the MCU, Star Trek, and more!   



- Is their a possible Loki cameo in the upcoming Eternals movie?

- Behold, the Thanos variants!

- Some theories on Thanos' real Infinity War motives

- Is Star Trek gearing up to boldly go in a new direction?

- Did we mention that Scott Steiner's math is suspect beyond belief?

- Oh, and then there was that time that Big Poppa Pump debated Harvard graduate Chris Nowinski on RAW over the Iraq War

- Here's a little VFX reel to show how they dropped Tig Notaro into Army of the Dead

- Here's the original Wall Street Journal article on the Scarlett-Disney dust-up, and something from CNN for those who don't have a WSJ subscription (like us)

- Did you know comic book creators make as little as $5,000 for their creations being used in movies?

- How did Warner Bros. and HBO handle pissing off their stars? They paid them.

- A quick primer on Hollywood Accounting where money disappears and mysteriously reappears in the studio's pockets!



Tim says that if you don't stay up late and watching Tombstone no matter what you have going on the next day, you're no daisy!

Todd watched The Suicide Squad so that you don't have to. But hey, it's currently got a 91% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes and a 72 Metascore in IMDB, so what the hell does he know?



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