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Episode 72: Who Ya Gonna Call? - Ghostbusters Afterlife Trailer Reaction

August 10, 2021

Call it fate, call it luck, call it karma... but we believe that everything happens for a reason. So when the new trailer for Ghostbusters Afterlife dropped in our laps a little over a week ago, we knew it'd end up being a topic of conversation. So here you go - a couple of 80's kids all growed up and discussing the new flick from Jason Reitman coming our way in November. We think.

All that along with news from the MCU, Star Wars casting, the latest victim of WWE's cost-cutting measures, and a health update from The Man They Call Tim!   



- Is Marvel going to bring the Thunderbolts into the MCU?

- Kang only had a bit of screen time in the season finale of Loki, but he's already making waves in the MCU

- Also, does this mean that he scripted the entire Infinity Saga?

- The Mouse has announced the final casting for live action Grand Admiral Thrawn and Ezra Bridger

- Also, has Star Wars cast their young Princess Leia for the upcoming Kenobi show?

- Here's the first intro of The Wyatt Family on RAW

- Here's the first entrance of The Fiend at Summerslam

- Oh, and let's not forget Paul Heyman talking about Brock Lesnar busting Undertaker's unbeaten Wrestlemania streak

- Here's the trailer for Ghostbusters Afterlife so you can watch along

- Here's the trailer breakdown with director Jason Reitman

- Want some Easter Eggs? Screenrant has some info and this video from New Rockstairs ain't half bad



Tim recommends checking out the new M. Night Shyamalan movie Old

Todd thinks you should listen to ZZ Top's Recycler album, Jackie Mason's The World According To Me, and Speak Love by Joe Pass and Ella Fitzgerald



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