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Episode 70: Season 3 Spectacular Extravaganza! … and a Black Widow Review

July 16, 2021

Who would've believed that we'd be kicking off a third season of this here lil' old podcast about everything?! Well, here it is - our first episode of our third year on the interwebs talking about mostly the stuff we like. So it's only fitting that we take a few minutes to reflect on idiocy past before embarking on a whole bunch more idiocy. Oh, and did you happen to notice that we finally got Black Widow to watch?!

All that plus Chris Pratt wrasslin' Bautista, Hugh Jackman, a Robert Downey Jr. return, Star Wars news, and much more!



- Turns out that much like Will Smith thought he could beat Mike Tyson, Chris Pratt thought he could wrestle Dave Bautista

- Is it possible that Hugh Jackman could enter the MCU playing Wolverine after all?

- And while we're talking about the thought-to-be-impossible, how about RDJ returning as Tony Stark?

- Did the release date for The Mandalorian season 3 get leaked?

- Kevin Feige puts his foot down - no more Stan Lee cameos

- And right on cue, here come the Loki rumors with Kang, the Infinity Stones, and even Mordo

- In case you were wondering about Robert Downey Jr.'s "asking price", the dude made $75 million for Avengers: Endgame alone

- The TV truck guy from Iron Man 3? That would be Adam Pally

- Here's a little more info on the What If...? voice casting

- Triple H on having to cut his hero Ric Flair's acceptance speech short

- Here's the article bashing Black Widow that both Uncle Todd and The Man They Call Tim feel is horsepucky



Tim recommends watching Lin Manuel Miranda's In The Heights in a theatre near you

Todd thinks you should watch Darkest Hour starring Gary Oldman, and if you already did... watch it again



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