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Episode 69: Hail King Costner! - Crowning the King of Sports Movies

July 9, 2021

When it comes to sports movies, there's been a slew of flicks that have covered just about every activity from baseball to bobsledding. But when you're looking for an actor to anchor one of those movies, there's only one person to call - Kevin Effin' Costner. In this episode, we count down our favorite Costner sports flicks as we crown him King of Sports Movies!

As you'll hear at the top of the show, this episode was recorded a month ago and was mis-filed by our intern Patrick, rendering all hopes at timeliness completely moot. However, since it's still a fun listen, we've decided to throw this one at ya and hope you'll enjoy it as much as we enjoyed recording it!



- Disney Plus UK is getting invaded by zombies?

- An Avengers: Age of Ultron Easter egg makes a beloved Disney movie MCU canon?

- It appears that Star Wars: Rangers of the New Republic is moving at the same pace as Peacock's BSG reboot - could Favreau sneak a Skywalker series into its place?

- Here's a look at Big Hero 6 and the alternate timeline it takes place in

- Here's the filmography of one Kevin Costner



Tim wishes his eldest son a very loud huzzah for his high school graduation

Todd thinks you should be watching Henry Rollins' special Keep Talkin' Pal right now, if not sooner



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