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Episode 62: The Curse Of Tampa - Wrestlemania 37 Recap & Review

April 23, 2021

Better late than never, we're back with our thoughts on the two night celebration of all things sports entertainment that was Wrestlemania 37. History was made, weird stuff happened, and there was even some good wrestling tossed in just to keep us all guessing. We dive into six hours of McMahon-directed Vin-sanity so you can rest easy!

All that and some MCU news and another thing. Dig it!



- Could Wolverine be hiding out in Madripoor?

- And hey, why not have Magneto hanging out in Madripoor while we’re going?

- There’s a new Ghostbusters: Afterlife trailer and it’s adorable

- Here's some info on the "mysterious" tag team known as The Machines

- Here's Brian Zane's Wrestlemania 4 Review

- And here's the debut of Kane - possibly the greatest character intro ever



Tim recommends the WWE Untold documentary "That's Gotta Be Kane"

Todd thinks you should be listening to Dumpstaphunk's new album right now



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