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Episode 60: The Odd Couple - The Falcon & The Winter Soldier Theories

April 2, 2021

You'd think we'd all have learned our lesson after WandaVision, but nope... a new Marvel show brings a ton of new fan theories about what will happen, whom it will happen to, and how many big surprises will be revealed. Thank goodness we're here to break it all down and let you know what is The Real and what is The Jabroni when it comes to all this rampant speculation. To make things more interesting, we're putting all of this on the record just after the first episode and will return once the series is done to determine who was righter and wronger.

A quick programming note... Even though this is being posted the day that episode 3 of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier is released, we recorded this episode the Sunday immediately following the premier of the first episode. Life has gotten us behind on editing, but we'll be catching up shortly.



- Looks like all of Todd's fervent prayers for Benedict Cumberbatch to play Grand Admiral Thrawn have been in vain

- Michael B. Jordan has been announced as directing Creed III as well as starring

- Ah, what might have been... Admiral Adama as a Klingon?!

- This is probably a repeat, but what the hell it's really entertaining and enlightening... here's Kurt Vonnegut (author Slaughterhouse Five and many other novels) talking about the shape of stories



TIM has been supplementing his diet with a healthy (or unhealthy) amount of Diners, Drive-Ins, & Dives as of late

TODD recommends checking out The House Of Broken Angels by Luis Alberto Urrea for a wonderful read



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