Free Range Idiocy

Episode 58: Yo Idiots… We Did It! - Ranking All The Rocky Movies

March 5, 2021

Welcome back to The Idiodessey friends and fiends! We've both been fans of Rocky since before he singlehandedly brought down the Berlin Wall, ending the Cold War, and leading to the downfall of the Soviet Union. And for those who don't really understand that last sentence... pardon us... because we're old. 

So we've decided to go through all the Rocky and Creed movies to rank them all and you get to listen along. All that plus some tasty Star Wars news and a bit of WandaVision chitchat.



- Looks like Rian Johnson has been completely excommunicated from the Star Wars universe after all...

- A little explanation of the British wonder that is the comedy/sci-fi series known as Red Dwarf

- Here's a bit more information on Agatha Harkness

- Here's that Sports Guy (Bill Simmons) cartoon about Rocky V

- The deleted scene with Mickey and Rocky from Rocky V that should never have been cut

- A little more info on Mr. T and his chains

- The definition of "kayfabe" for those who missed it last time



Tim recommends checking out Young Rock on NBC

Todd thinks very highly of The Right Stuff by Tom Wolfe



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