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Episode 55: When Diana Prince Cries - Wonder Woman 84 Review

January 29, 2021

As you might have remembered from past episodes, we were really looking forward to Wonder Woman 1984. Finally, after surviving the holidays and everything that comes with it, Todd and Tim have both watched this highly anticipated Patty Jenkins flick and are now prepared to give you their expert idiotic take on it.

We also spend some time talking about the new Lucasarts game and the third episode of WandaVision too. What are ya waiting for? Get listening!



- Ubisoft and Lucasfilm Games announce new story-driven Star Wars game

- Here's the Eve Online battle Tim was talking about - sheer insanity

- Here's Kevin Smith and Marc Bernardin (with guest Skylar Astin) on Fatman Beyond talking about the first 2 episodes of WandaVision

- And here's the episode of Fatman Beyond where Marc does a live re-write of WW84

- Not sure if this is the article Todd was talking about, but it discusses the consent issues in WW84

- Yup, 1984 was a pretty big year for music - here's a Rolling Stone breakdown of the top 100 singles

- Here's the Kristen Wiig "Christmas Morning" SNL skit



Tim recommends watching The Holiday Movies That Made Us: Elf on Netflix for all the delicious behind-the-scenes magic

Todd thinks you should follow Fleet Is Family on Twitter immediately and then buy something from the store to help out actor Michael Hogan



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