Free Range Idiocy

Episode 53: Show Me The Movies - 1996: The Year In Movies

January 15, 2021

A ways back, we dove into movies from the year 1977 (Episode 38) and came up with some rather interesting results. Well, we're back at it again - this time, with a year that's a bit more recent and relevant to a couple guys in their 40's, the year 1996. We talk about our top movies, honorable mentions, and flicks that surprised us along with our normal assortment of nonsense.



- Here's Dave Chapelle's Saturday Night Live monologue from a couple months ago

- And why not? Here's Eddie Murphy's SNL monologue from late 2019

- We both got this one wrong... The hologram doctor making a cameo in Star Trek: First Contact was from Star Trek: Discovery and not Deep Space Nine

And here's the Frank Zappa interview that Todd mentioned where he's talking about how the music industry works



Tim recommends watching Star Wars Gallery: The Mandalorian for all the behind the scenes goodness we're gonna get from this past season

Todd thinks you should check out The Mortician on WWE Network - the story of Bill Moody, the man behind Paul Bearer.



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