Free Range Idiocy

Episode 48: Ahsoka My Tano! - The Mandalorian Chapters 12 & 13

December 4, 2020

Season two of The Mandalorian continues to amaze, amuse, and leave us aghast. In this episode, we talk about chapters 12 & 13 and go all buy/sell on everything from plot, characters, surprises, and more.

Be warned: spoilers ahead.



- Here's some information on the B-Wing fighter, including that it made an appearance in Star Wars Rebels

- Did you know James Earl Jones turned down a voice credit for Darth Vader in A New Hope because he considered David Prowse's performance to be more important? Neither did we.

- Here's some information about flerkens from the Marvel Universe

- Here's Diana Lee Inosanto's bio for your reading pleasure

- And here's the source for our "give Stevie a peek" running gag



Tim recommends checking out The Broken Skull Sessions with "Stone Cold" Steve Austin for some good 'rasslin' talk

Todd advises you to check out "Holy Ghost" by The Bar-Kays as well as their entire Money Talks album



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