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Episode 47: The Lastest Ride - 2020 Survivor Series Recap

November 27, 2020

It's been a little while since we've talked some 'rasslin, so with the 30th anniversary of The Undertaker's debut at Survivor Series coming up, it only seemed natural we dive into what happened at this past Sunday's PPV. Who would survive? Who would care? Would Todd reach through his TV to try and interfere in the Reigns-McIntyre main event? Let's see!



- Here's Dan Spivey's wikipedia page for some fun

- Yup, it's 2020 and AC/DC are at the top of the charts. Makes perfect sense.

- Here's the Riddle-Thatcher match Tim was talking about

- Here's the Chapelle's Show segment Todd was talking about (NSFW)

- And here is the majesty of Larry Bird Night - aka how you say good bye to a legend properly



Tim recommends going back and rewatching The Last Ride on WWE Network documenting the last couple years of The Undertaker's career.

Todd thinks you should give one of the latest episodes of the Battlestar Galacticast for Daybreak Part One featuring Katee Sackhoff a listen



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