Free Range Idiocy

Episode 41: Thrawn With The Wind - with guest Jimmy Dice

October 2, 2020

Let it never be said that we don't like us some books. In this episode, we're diving into a trilogy of books that were written in the early-to-mid 1990's by Timothy Zahn that continued the adventures of our intrepid heroes from the OG Star Wars trilogy. For the initiated, this was the first introduction of Grand Admiral Thrawn - a character much revered by Star Wars fans.

Much like that doofus at his Las Vegas pawn shop, we called in an expert for the occasion in the person of Mr. Jimmy Dice from the Scruffy Looking Podcasters. Please be sure to check out their Star Wars podcast for a lot of good chat and news.

Not any specific links of interest here, so get going!



TIM recommends air frying all the things - fruit, vegetable, and mineral. Doesn't matter what it is, just toss it in the air fryer and it's apparently as healthy as eating kale straight out of the garden. Or so he says.

TODD thinks you should check out all the Oceans movies... with the exception of 8. Just pretend that one didn't happen. Ever.

JIMMY humbly suggests checking out Scruffy Looking Podcasters for more Star Wars news and opinions.



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