Free Range Idiocy

Episode 34: Higher Ground - Todd & Tim’s Top 5 Albums

July 3, 2020

With out BSG binky taken away, what ever will we do?!

Oh, don't worry. We've got plenty to talk about.

In this episode, we go through our current top five albums, some of our musical upbringing, and what we think makes a great album. Also, some honorbale mentions, and at least one embarrassing story from Todd. C'mon in - the idiocy is fine!



- Here's that video of Billy Joel freaking out in Russia because the lighting guy wasn't listening... or didn't speak English

- Turns out Casey Kasem did voices for a bunch of other stuff too

- With the mention of "Be My Yoko Ono" and The Beatles, we'll use this excuse to show you the video where Yoko Ono made Chuck Berry question his entire life

- Todd foolishly said Alberta license plates when it should've been Ontario. Sorry.

- Here's that video of Stevie Wonder playing "Superstition" on Seasame Street back in the day

- Here's a live version of "Living For The City" with the intro by Stevie

- Oh yeah, and Stevie also kept pace with Tony Bennett

- A little more background on The Beatles being better in mono and also Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band in mono



TIM recommends checking out the WWE documentary Undertaker: The Last Ride covering The Phenom's last year in the business

TODD humbly suggests checking out Speed Of Soul by his band Mama's Boomshack, which turns six this year



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