Free Range Idiocy

Episode 21: A Whole New (West)world

April 3, 2020

Greetings once again to all y'all out there in Interwebs Land, we're back and talking about one of our favorite shows, Westworld. Season three debuted in March, and we're talking about the first two episodes - what we liked, what we loved, and how damned confused we are about the whole thing. Check it all out along with a couple recommendations and ideas of how to sneak a dragon out of your workplace in this episode!



- A little background on who the Steiner Brothers are

- And since we're light on links this episode, here's a bit from a Steiners / Road Warriors match back from 1996

- If you've never heard about "Go Away Green", then check this out

- Tim was correct, Boardwalk Empire was an HBO show - so if you're watching Westworld, you can probably stream that one too



TIM was watching Viceland's excellent web series called "Dark Side Of The Ring", specifically the Chris Benoit two part documentary.

TODD has been listening to the 1972 Ray Charles album "A Message From The People" album, which is very tough to come by these days, but is available to stream on Spotify. Good news, it's also due for a physical copy reissue next month!



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