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Episode 012: What The Hell Just Happened?! - 2019 WWE Survivor Series

December 6, 2019

As a couple of wrestling geeks from way back, we figured it was about time we got down to the nitty gritty and talked about what's happening in Vince's playground. After watching this year's Survivor Series, we got together and went through the card discussing what the hell just happened. Pull on your elbow pads and luchador mask - it's time to get to the ring!



- Turns out the Busta Rhymes video Todd was thinking about isn't exactly what he thought, but here it is anyways - "Gimme Some More" (NSFW for language). And while we're here, how about a bit of Busta rapping live on the radio? (NSFW again for language)

- How over was Steve Blackman back in the day? Not so much. Not only was that nowhere close to a Road Warriors pop, he didn't get a Crash Holly pop.

- Neither one of us could explain how taping injured ribs would help, so after some quick Google Fu, the answer is... Not much. In fact, doctors now recommend not taping ribs because it restricts the ability to take deep breaths which can help avoid getting pneumonia. 

- Yeah, Ricochet is pretty good. Here's that clip of him jumping out of the ring to meet up with Velveteen Dream.

- Here's the Triple-H versus Taka Michinoku match was from RAW back in the day

- That time Tommaso Ciampa came to the ring with no music and got roundly booed? Yeah, we've got that.



- TIM: A big ol' shout out to the soundtrack for Hamilton, the current touring show, and Paris Nix in particular.

- TODD: Dig in to TBNH by The Brand New Heavies for a funky good time.



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