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Episode 004 - Deep Geek: Our Favorite Episodes from Battlestar Galactica, Season 1

August 9, 2019

Well, we spent so much time talking about this show in our first three episodes that we figured why not embrace our love for it fully and spend some time talking about our favorite episodes from each season. Here, we start out with season 1, which begins after the miniseries/pilot. Each of us came up with five of our favorites and then we discussed them in series order to help keep the overall narrative clear.

Please be warned that if you've never watched the show, this sucker is SPOILER-IFIC! If you don't want anything spoiled, download the episode, binge the entire season, and then come back to listen. You can currently stream Battlestar Galactica on Amazon Prime.



- Here's the Richard Hatch helmed 1999 BSG revival attempt called Battlestar Galactica: The Second Coming

- This is the episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation that Tim mentioned entitled "Pre-Emptive Strike"

- This is the podcast Todd mentioned called Battlestar Galacticast with Tricia Helfer and Marc Bernardin



- Tim: How I Built This with Guy Raz

- Todd - Boxing Gandhis



- Intro music is "Love Somebody" by Mama's Boomshack, which you can download on Bandcamp

- Outro music is "Paperboy" by Tumbledown Saints


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